The 5 Steps of Designing Cabinets

Our cabinets are all custom-built to the owner’s exact specifications. Each cabinet box, drawer, door front pull-out organizers are made-to-order with the utmost quality. We only use locally sourced top-notch materials. Our cabinet makers have decades of combined experience.

It also helps to better understand the parts of a cabinet and how we fabricate them. Please click here to get a better understanding of anatomy of a cabinet.

Step #1 – Select your Style 


Step #2 – Select the finish of the Cabinets

Step #3- Select your Door Style & Profile

Step #4- Select Roll-Out Organizers

Step #5- Countertops

There are several other options which will be asked of the owner during the design process. 

However, the five (5) steps above will help define the overall design and cost.